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if there's a stage, it's theater...

and today, it is more like attention DEFICIT theater

Push notices, buzzing phones, streaming video.  Did you know that the average American adult has an attention span that is less than 2 minutes?  That should be a concern today when you are looking to spend big dollars on an upcoming program. Our “Attention Deficit Theater” approach addresses the idea that we do not have the luxury of our guests' automatic attention any longer.  They are distracted and they don’t even know it.  We must design programs around this concept and engage our audience from the start.

WWSD?  (What would Shakespeare do?)

Grab them and hold them.  Period.  It has been hundreds of years since William Shakespeare put pen to paper to create some of the most compelling storylines that endure to this day. By creating a scene on stage and setting the mood and the tone, he can still make us laugh and cry.  That same attention to detail applies today. But, Shakespeare did not have to worry about "smart" phones… So grab them and never let go until “The End."  Then follow up with a multi-platform social media campaign.  That's what Willy would do.