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NALU (na-lu)  -orig. Hawaiian language.  A wave; to form waves, i.e. a powerful energy wave, moving ridge or swell on the surface of a liquid (as of the sea); to ponder, mediate, reflect; A movement sweeping large numbers in a common direction...  The word itself inspired the evolution of our company.  To us, nalu conjures images of momentum and energy, power and excitement.  We believe that is what experiential design is all about.


blow up the box!


BLOW IT UP.  Burn it.  Start over with a fresh set of eyes. Challenge your team, your management and your guests to go beyond "outside" the box and consider blowing it up completely.  We understand that this can be daunting. While we do not want to minimize the implications of what we are suggesting, we see that the world is changing.  Rapidly.  It has never been harder to break through the clutter and deliver your message.  Exciting, engaging experiential events are the proven remedy to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.  That is why the music industry is embracing festivals, car companies sponsor tours and Broadway ticket sales hit record numbers.  There is no substitute for being there live, in the moment...  Our mission is to create those moments for you.



So, What is the big idea?

NALU CREATIVE is a boutique, creative agency that brings together an internationaly renowned group of industry professionals to create remarkable live events, meetings and tours that have measurable results. We are passionate about our commissions, and believe that the "big idea" is really a rather simple one - always keep a laser focus on the guest experience.  


 our ohana

OUR FAMILY is a diverse team of designers and producers that maintain a child-at-heart attitude and actively seek the whimsical side of every situation.  We attend the theatre, we listen to new music, we explore museums and we take walks in nature.  We manage over 50 acres of cloud forest where we rescue dogs, raise japanese koi, grow orchids and foster CREATIVITY.  We follow emerging trends and set a few of our own.  We like to forge new paths and we are OK marching to the beat of our own drum.